July 4, 2013

The Owl Theremin

When an instrument has already passed its expiration date in terms of usefulness, what happens to all of the original piece of gear that are still out and about?  Some of these antiques are doomed to be stuffed in attics where they will collect dust until the next generation of musicians finds a way to make use of them.  Some of them will be kept closer to the heart, while still not being a viable piece of gear in their entertainment system.  I’m referring to the showpiece and conversational items that might be centered on the coffee table for others to peek at and admire.

Some will take it a step further and try to integrate a machine into other outdated pieces of machinery to create something that is much more than a centerpiece.  This is where engineering and art meet together to create controversial and awe inspiring collectible.  If the creator has any sort of knowledge about its inner workings, they can even make it “work”.  This artist combines an old school theremin instrument, which really has little purpose these days – with some old stuffed live animals that would otherwise sit on the wall.  While it is a little “dark”, it is certainly not far from being called art.