July 4, 2013

Korg Volca Bass

In any form of music that is created, there are elements that can be stripped away and even replaced with other elements – but even when music does not carry a drum led beat, it still needs something underneath to hold our attention.  In most cases, there needs to be some sort of underlying bass line to keep the melody and tune in perspective.  Those who do not know a thing about music making or instruments can easily overlook the value of a baseline or the bassist within the band.  When the bass is not popping in your face, it can almost be undetectable by untrained ears.  But without that backing, the entire song falls apart.

Korgs Volca series synthesizers have been put forth that solve a common problem.  Synth created music needs really only three elements: a leading vocal or melody, a beat or drum backing, and of course the underlying bass line.  The Roland 303 is perhaps one of the most recognized machines that are capable of producing this sound, but obtaining one is often costly and hard to find.  The Korg Volca Bass, like the rest of the synths included in the family, are offered at a stunning price – below two hundred dollars.