July 4, 2013

AirBeats For Leap Motion

The irony is not lost, even with the most successful technology and application producers out there.  Think of Apple, a powerhouse who not only innovates successful and technologically advanced products, but who also has the ability to really shift the culture’s perspective on what gear we should use and what gear we should not use.  They basically pioneered the idea that we could use a screen to do everything in the absence of a physical keyboard.  It naturally took a while for people to accept this idea, but today it is second nature to use a touch screen device.  There only real issue is the natural problem with latency and the lack of screen space that we are given to work with.

It’s funny that the software creators have actually been the ones to alleviate the touch screen problem – and they have done so by simply eliminating the screen.  I’m talking about the motion controller guys who have fabbed up devices that can detect hand movement in three dimensions, in real time.  This literally eliminates the need to touch anything at all, and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care.  I can see this being bundled with iOS software to really make it shine.