July 4, 2013

What’s More Lo-Fi Than The Sound Of Vintage

These days, if you want to find vintage music making gear, you will have to look pretty hard.  I’m not sure of the exact cutoff date that makes something antique or vintage -  but if judge by how hard it is to find in the real world, the idea could be based more on the numbers of working models rather than the date they were produced.  Technics 1200 turntables could easily last a century without needing to be repaired, so they really cannot be called vintage items – but when their discontinuation was announced, even a two year old turntable could now be considered a vintage item.

The trouble with vintage music making machines is not that they aren’t capable of being used in a real time setting, it is the fact that many of these devices were never used in a recording setting, so digital samples of these analog sounds simply do not exist.  The prudent musician who owned such gear may have been wise enough to take samples and actually record them for later use, but that is asking a lot for people who grew up with little means of taking quality recordings.  Vintage samples are out there, they are just harder to find.