July 4, 2013

Akai Pro Updates MPC Software, Adds 64-bit

I don’t think many grasp the idea of what a bit rate means for the quality of their music and the quality of the programs by which that music is created.  A better way to explain this is to take it back to the birth of the first video games.  Consoles like Atari were simple 8-bit system, and without actually knowing what that means you can understand the quality of the game.  Everything from the sound to the textures were low quality and designers could only work with what tools were given to them.  A Nintendo 64 was called the “64” because it was 64-bit and capable of complex music as well as complex video game textures.

In computing, most of our operating systems are 64-bit systems, which means they can run programs that are built for a 64-bit system.  These will allow you to get much more complexities with that little gear you have.  Even mixers and soundcards come in different bit rate outputs, which ultimately refer to the quality of the music that they can produce.  The later versions of the Serato soundcard are actually a higher bit rate and sound much better than their older counterparts.