July 4, 2013

Using The Leap Motion For Gestural Music

What is nice about the world of technology is that designers can find uses for technology that were never the intended use by the creators and scientists.  There are examples everywhere you look – I mean you could even think of how your refrigerator works.  It uses a simple system of pressure to push gas though small tubes using a compressor and pump.  The unintended consequence of that is the heating and cooling process that takes place due to the laws of thermodynamics.  The actual pumping of liquids and gas is not as important as the temperature that can be produced.  However, in a car it is the pressure that is much more important when keeping things in check.

Motion controllers might seem new to use, with our fancy video games and hand waving gadgets – but the actual technology behind it was introduced in the early 1990’s.  The technology had much more to do with light, than it did with motion and was therefore implement into camera technologies.  Later on it was used for body motion devices in the film making industries, and it wasn’t until now that the idea has been worked into devices that an average consumer could use.