July 4, 2013

Imagine a Musical Interface

Before an app for the iOS is released it has to go through many hoops before it can be approved.  From the developer’s standpoint there needs to be beta testing as well as real time testing to see if it is even a usable program that has purpose.  The Apple heads then need to test and make sure that it does not conflict with their hardware or created changes that will wreak havoc on the next iOS update.  Each of these programs is designed specifically for an operating system, and to port it to another OS requires a delicate touch and some knowledgeable individuals.  All in all, it is not easy.

Now, imagine that you can have any program running on your computer and you would be able to mirror it exactly how you please on your tablet.  This is beyond porting software for both operating systems; this is literally copying the screen from one to another, but being able to use your fingers instead of a mouse.  The idea is brilliant and does not require any intimate knowledge of whatever program is being used.  In Ableton and other software with plug-ins, it would make real time manipulation very easy and straightforward.