July 4, 2013

Google Reader Shutdown

While the job of a musician is to create music and work with whatever elements that can afford to do so, their other task is to understand the state of music making as well as the culture that abides by it.  Music creators who use technology owe it to themselves to understand what is going on in the world of software and hardware technology.  A single process that might require due diligence, can be eased with software that takes care of the problem automatically.  So it pays to really know what is out there and what people are using to create their music.

There are also many source of information where one can get a feel for the current state of music.  These include technology websites, music making websites, and even personal blogs about a person’s music making endeavor.  RSS feeds have been a common way to keep track of your favorite website’s updates and some of us have our favorite readers that import them on a daily basis.  Those who use Google Reader might be upset to learn that the service will no longer be available to them.  Since there are many alternative out there, finding another tool to use should not be an issue.