July 4, 2013

Groovebox for Android

Most of the software love out there is directed at Apple fanatics and users, there is no doubt about that.  The catch-22 in this case is that fact that with the iOS, you are sort of limited as to what you can tweak within the software.  Basically, you can use the software for its intended purpose, but if you really want to dig deep and create something fresh in a programmer’s perspective, you may as well look elsewhere.  For the average user, music apps on the iOS work perfectly fine for what they were built for.  They are limited only in terms of the development of the apps and the slight amount of latency that is common.

Android users often rave about the benefit of rooting and being able to get deep into the brains of their operating system, but inherent problems keep the software from running to its fullest.  Music making apps on Android are just way too slow to be of any real use for a live performer.  The lag is in milliseconds, not fractions of milliseconds – and even with the fastest processor out there, the lag seems to be an inherent problem with the OS rather than the hardware or software.