July 6, 2013

3 Seattle Musicians are Making it Full-Time

The story of the starving and struggling artist is something that is still admired, even in an age where technical jobs rule the world, and colleges bank off the idea that technology is always changing as the demand changes with it.  To be a musician who lives off of your work is risky to say the least, and the culture still looks at them as if they should really put their skill into something better than music making.  We can start by looking at session musicians and professional musicians who are actually hired to play (meaning no money out of their pocket).  Some of them make a decent living and up to seventy thousand dollars a year!  It’s not a bad ticket considering how much time and work goes into learning the trade.

On the other side of things, look at a rapper who never attended a proper school or institution – they have a chance to actually make money from their music sales, although the risk is much higher and often unappreciated.  Indie band members can expect to make a meager profit from their music, and this is because they do not have the means to effectively market themselves like big labels can.