July 6, 2013

Amazon Names Cities That Buy The Most Music [Pittsburgh?]

When artist want to know how well their music is doing in the real world, they turn to the charts which organize the latest songs by popularity.  This popularity is not always extracted from record sales, but rather from the amount of times the song is played by popular radio stations that have the statistical data on hand.  These are more of an overall section of the songs usage and of course, their popularity.  Unfortunately, there is no real analysis that can be done on how well the song is being received based on how much time and money was invested in the original song.  This would be some real data that would be interesting; to see how much of a profit margin there is on song making.

While that is an unknown factor that would be hard to calculate, we can get an idea of the demographics of music listeners and what regions of the country listen to a certain kind of music.  Based on sales alone, we can already see that Florida tends to favor pop music – while areas like Northern California tend to favor the more refined tastes of classical music.  What is interesting is that these could not be predicted by the general population alone.