July 8, 2013

Review: Numark Orbit Wireless MIDI Controller

How inclined would you be to buying a DJ device that would be considered more of a disposable toy rather than a useful tool?  Most of us (those of us who do not have cash spilling out of our pockets) would think twice before buying something just because it is “pretty”.  I think we’ve been down that route where we do not do our research and instead purchase something that looks cool from the outside of the box.  Some of the nicest and most robust DJ gear is often the worst looking on the outside.  When they stress function over form, there tends to be a loss of this wow factor on looks alone.

The Numark Orbit seems to have a bit of both.  You look at it, and it looks like a toy – but it looks like something you would want to try out, even if it doesn’t serve a real purpose.  The fact that it is a wireless MIDI controller makes it that much sweeter.  The trouble with wireless MIDI is that it can lag on a wireless router, but if the object is only fun, there is little that will displease you about its looks and design.