July 8, 2013

REVIEW: Numark Orbit Wireless DJ Controller

The Numark Orbit is currently making its rounds through the hands of every geardo and reviewer out there.  Most have been quite taken back by the sheer look of the device.  Everything is colorful and attention grabbing, and the included software really making mapping and learning the device as plug and play as it can get.  Some MIDI controllers, like the LPD8, look simple on the outside but often require a bit of learning when it comes to programming scenes or changing modes.  With the Orbit, what you see if basically what you get from the device.  The lighting on the unit is something that has come off as a bit of shock.  It is actually very bright and noticeable, meaning that it can truly be used in a low light setting.

There are obvious reasons why this device was even created in the first place.  Before the Orbit, there were smaller controller out there that could were meant for the same basic tasks.  It seems to have the same small form factor as the MIDI Fighter, produced by DJTT – and it even shares some of the utility of the Novation Divers.  It seems like a good idea to grab a chunk of that market in the process.