July 8, 2013

Try ‘Daft Punk In a Box’

An artist who comes out with a single album and never goes on to create another is not a big deal.  This happens more than you would think.  For every one hit wonder out there, there are hundreds of artists who have given it a shot at one CD, only to call it quits after they find no success in that venture.  For a band to really exist, they cannot be like someone else.  They have to have their own style to work with – a style that is recognizable and uniquely theirs.  Getting to this level requires years of work, but the bands who have achieved this have earned themselves a spot in the hearts of many listeners, who buy their entire albums without having to listen to them first.

Sounding like someone else seems flattering, but many artists actually try to do this.  It’s harder than it looks, since inspiration often comes from outside sources.  However, if you are on a quest to sound like your favorite artist, there are plenty of tools to get there.  Some of them are toyish and fun, but others do a seriously good job of helping a person sound like their favorite artist or band.