July 8, 2013

How Should A Home Producer Motivate Himself?

We often think of computer programmers and picture programmers sitting on their asses for ten hours a day, typing away at a keyboard and staring into a computer screen.  Is this any fun?  Perhaps the challenge of trying to code their way into something new is part of the fun that these programmers feel when typing away.  On the other hand, we look at music producers from a different light.  We associate them with people who are fun and outgoing, who wouldn’t dare sit down and type away at something boring for half of the day.  The truth is that they both share a similar task.

Producers are often chained to their desks in a quiet room, feverishly working on a single track or song that has to be done by a certain deadline.  While there is no method to perfection, isolation tends to pay off since you don’t have much else to bother you or to distract you.  As fun as it sound to be a music producer, the hard work is often spent at a desk trying to push out new tracks as fast as possible.  Sometimes, you really just need a break from the monotony of a computer screen.