July 9, 2013

Serato DJ with Numark NS7

The ability to scratch using a jogwheel controller is an ability that differs from being able to scratch on a turntable.  Coming from a turntable to a jogwheel will certainly help you get used to the difference in size and feel, but learning directly on a jogwheel will be much more difficult than you pay think.  The lack of hand space makes it difficult to perform moves that require great control – while a smaller wheel will force you to put more torque into a movement than is necessary.  This is why these types of controller usually come with a nudge and pinch setting, so that you do not actually have to bend pitches using the wheel.

The NS7 can be looked at as a turntablist friendly controller, since the discs on the surface actually move and spin.  I’ve tried them out, and these even have enough torque to make your hands feel like they are moving something bigger.  Those who want to retain their scratching skills might want to look into a spinning platter table, such as this one.  The only flaw I can see in this unit is that it is relatively old considering just how fast MIDI gear is released.