July 9, 2013

2013 Atlantic City DJ Expo – DJ Premier

One thing that I have always like about artists with humble beginnings is that they retain that ability to be down to earth and humble – even when successful.  DJs are a great example of self made entertainers, since there is no real school or instruction that teaches DJing in school.  Most music teacher would look at DJing and turntables as something of a joke compared to classic music and music instruction, but it is the DJs who really have to sell their art and their talent if they want to make it anywhere.  Also, there really isn’t a professional level of DJing, there are only local DJs who go on to become well known around the world.

To live life as a DJ your entire life requires some serious sacrifices and hard work to keep that title.  Getting paid nightly might be able to help you afford a car payment or some new gear, but raising a family and kids on that type of budget is much harder and risky.  DJ Premier is one of the example DJs who taught us that there is life after DJing.  His story is one of success, where his transition into music product went very well.