July 9, 2013

Arturia MiniLab Review

Every synthesizer, or at least keyboard shaped synthesizers, are judge by the same standard.  One of them has to do with how it looks and feels during performances – the other has to do with the way it sounds.  For the most part, you’ll be very lucky if you can “have it all” since most of these keyboards will lack one of two things that keep it from being perfect.  A large synthesizer has room to house more electronics (and sometimes larger components are better), but the sheer size and weight of these units make them impossible to move around with you.  Medium sized keyboard rigs will have to work with less keys than a normal piano, and the physical action by how they work might also be changed to suit the design.

Finally, you have your smaller synthesizers like the MicroKorg – and these are complete units meaning that there is no computer necessary at all.  Arturia has been working to create a device that can act as a software controller while retaining the looks of a mini synthesizer.  The MiniLab certainly has the looks of a MicroKorg – but it is actually meant to be used with a computer.  Because of this, the size is brought closer to a laptop controller rather than a synthesizer.