July 9, 2013

Why are mini synths so popular?

The world seems to rotate back and forth from both big and small items.  Think of the era when super baggy pants were in fashion.  Kids went to school with pants that had leggings that were the size of their torso.  They even dragged on the ground whenever you walked, making it hard to keep them from getting destroyed.  The internet went through a period of time when font sizes were incredible small.  Perhaps this was because computer monitors had horrible resolutions at that time.  Now, we are beginning to see oversized fonts and large banners across every home page.  The same trend is also happening with music instruments.

The whole tablet and smartphone revolution has cemented the idea that small gadgets DO work, and in some cases they are preferable to the larger alternative.  MIDI controllers have shrunk down in size which makes them portable and accessible.  Even synthesizers have felt the boom of smaller devices taking the public by storm.  Korg, like many other companies, has introduced smaller sized versions of their once large synthesizers.  They are cheaper, portable, and they give reason for an average tinkerer to go out and try something new.  Even the low-tech synths have their fans as well.