July 11, 2013

The Latest Upcoming Ableton Live Touch Controllers [Gallery]

Those who have a smart phone or a tablet may have noticed something strange while browsing the internet.  There are usually two webpages made for any device.  The first one is the webpage that most of us are used to – these are meant for full sized screens for use with mice and keyboards.  The other version of the website is actually designed for mobile users.  There is usually less on the screen to play with, since it would be hard to navigate with too many small links on the main page.  The text and pictures are also resized so that they are viewable on a tiny five inch screen.  Web developers have learned that people are more likely to use their phones to browse if they can actually read the content.

This is also what is happening with touch screen software these days.  Simply porting their software to the iOS or Android does not make it fit for use.  It would be difficult to work with two buttons that are only millimeters away – so the only real solution is to make each button bigger and clearly labeled.  The latest Ableton Live touch controller will work off of this philosophy, making them easy to use.