July 11, 2013

Building a Do-It-Yourself Loudspeaker Design

Something that we don’t see as often these days is custom speaker builders who still create cabinets for their speaker systems.  Why is it that we prefer to buy these ready-made stacks rather than trying to piece them together by hand?  There are many reasons for this, but I’ll start with the most basic of them all.  Speaker packages have gotten better, and because they have gotten better they aren’t as expensive to own.  We can even buy a speaker box specific for any type of speaker we want, without having to work through the numbers and specifications.  The second reason has to do with the quality of the sound.

Top end speakers that are mated with a box are often a better bet than trying to calculate the exact dimensions for a new speaker box system.  There are programs and tools that will help us calculate things like air space and frequency – but without the proper tools and knowledge it is pretty hard to create a box that is up to par with something that can be bought.  A budget homemade box will work but will never be as good as one that is tuned to a frequency.