July 11, 2013

Tech That Helps Me With Healthy Living

Technology, while it cannot do much on its own, has the potential to be one of the unhealthiest things that place strain on our bodies.  A simple example would be the modern automobile.  You look at a car and think that it can only improve our lives.  It takes us from point A to point B and can offer us shelter from the elements in the process.  But the simple act of sitting in the sitting position for hours at a time is something our bodies aren’t used to.  It can eventually lead to lower back problems that no other generation has had to deal with.

The DJ can also suffer physically from the technology around us.  Most DJs have to stand during their performances; it is the one instrument that really cannot be played while seated.  When you add a laptop and a laptop stand to your system – you introduce more strain on your body.  Let me explain.  Squinting at a lit laptop in the middle of a dark club hurts your eyes, and leaning over to get closer to the screen eventually wears on your back.  Physical health might be a strange thing to worry about as a DJ, but there are other things to lose besides hearing.