July 11, 2013


The Ableton Push got perhaps more initial news than it deserved, so now that it has been out for a lengthy amount of time (at least in the production gear world) the review that offer some real substance are beginning to pour in.  The fact that Ableton, a software producer, created hardware send mixed signal to some.  Some feel that both software and hardware from the same manufacturer is a match made in heaven, while others feel that their inexperience in the hardware sector might be a recipe for a disaster of a product.  If you haven’t seen the Ableton Push in real life, I’ll tell you right now, it’s big.  It is actually larger than the full-sized MASCHINE, and it is clear that this device was meant to be more than just a “controller”.

The creators have literally designed this thing to become an extension of the software, rather than some sort of external add-on.  The sheer amount of buttons on the screen should say something about how it was intended to be used, and 64 tracks is a good number for live performers who want to clip it all on the spot.  Cost is high, but what would you expect for a controller of this size?