July 11, 2013


There is one thing about Behringer that I have always admired, it’s their price structure.  Those who have been in the market for DJ and music production gear their entire lives already know about Behringer’s stance it the market place.  They aren’t out there trying to produce the most technologically innovative gear, and their prices aren’t going to break the bank either.  Most of their products are redesigns of other manufacturer’s ideas, yet they are produced at a lower cost.  In the early years of Behringer, they received a lot of criticism about having gear that was subpar standard.  Some of this is not a lie either.

Products were known to break sooner than others and the quality of the build often suffered with the low price that we were offered.  Since then they have managed to improve upon their builds while still keeping the price down to the budget level.  Their latest offering comes in the form of a soundcard known as the Control1USB.  By looks alone, it looks more advanced than anything else they are offering – and the screen houses a sleek design which includes meters for volume adjustment.  It might get the expensive products a run for the money.