July 11, 2013


I think every DJ goes through a phase where they want to add as much to the mix as possible.  They feel like blending a new song every 8bars and adding filter and echo effects on the outros will make their music feel new and inspired.  It is not until performing this way for a while that they learn that sometimes “less is more”.  These are the DJs who buy expensive FX units, only to sell them off later in search of better items.  This is not to say that FX tools aren’t useful – they are, but they have to be used sparingly in order to produce the proper effect.

If the EFX-1000 is far beyond what your wallet allows, there are other options available to you that can do just as well.  Besides relying on a digital FX panel or one that is active using Ableton – you also have the option of using a decent FX unit like the KP3.  It has the power to create, sample, and effect at the same time.  Their latest revision the KP3+, adds only some minute features to the innards of the unit.  The rest of the body and design hasn’t changed much.