July 11, 2013


If you won a million dollars today, would you be the same person tomorrow?  A lot of people like to act like money won’t change them, but when you have opportunity in front of your face; you decisions can change rather quickly.  Movie stars and actors who have made it to the big screen sometimes need help dealing with all of their newly found stardom.  The same situation is quite a bit worse for professional athletes, who came from little to do families and are just now experiencing what having wealth is like.  Money can definitely change a person, and the people around them will change as well.

Musicians and DJs who have made a small name for themselves in the club scene also have an idea of what it is like when people know your name.  When people want to know who you are, it challenges you to become a person that you would like them to imagine.  The parties, the drugs, and the alcohol are always present, and learning to avoid this lifestyle is something that cannot be taught, only experienced.  It is good to see reformed musicians who have had to struggle with these vices in their lives.