July 12, 2013

Musician’s Health Resources

For a musician who is either a recording or performing artist, you cannot ignore the health risks that come with the job.  You might be asking yourself, “How is there any possibility of me getting hurt on the job?”  Yes, it sounds strange.  DJs aren’t exactly putting their life in danger every time they pack up their gear for the next gig.  The thing is, some of the hell we put ourselves through doesn’t come in the form of physical energy.  It could be mental exhaustion.  Sometimes a night can go completely wrong in every direction.  You may not have the right songs to choose from or you might even have a crowd that is unreceptive.

This type of thinking can really bear down on your mind if you let it get to you.  It can cause your mental pain and anguish.  This is an extreme case, but every DJ has felt the effect of having to move from gig to gig – it can tire you out quickly and every once in a while you deserve a good break.  Since there is no human relations department for DJs, you have to take up upon yourself to look after your heath and any problems that might occur.