July 12, 2013

If John Lennon Auditioned For The Voice [VIDEO]

Some of the television shows we watch about artists and performers are pretty ridiculous.  The number one example I can give here is American Idol.  The name of the show itself is pretty hilarious, since the show is not really about finding the best singers.  It is about us watching idly at home, hoping to see someone fail in front of millions of people.  We fool ourselves into thinking we’ve tuned in to see the greatest of the great, when we really want to see the worst of the worst.  You can imagine that some of the most talented singers out there would never dare step foot on that show – so you don’t really know if you are hearing from the best of the best.

There are other shows that take this challenge a step further.  For the most part, singers are judged by their voice – but they are also judged by their appearances as well.  It would be foolish to ignore that part of American Idol, since they are looking for icons as well as singers.  The “Voice” eliminates the disparity in the way they look by simply blinding the judged from knowing what they look like.  So do you think, that even blind, they would be able to pick out the best singer?