July 12, 2013

SoundWave For iOS and Android Connects iTunes, Rdio and Spotify

I know there are many of us who just want to share our music with the world.  We seem to think that the rest of the world will understand just how good a song is, if they listen to it at full blast for an hour.  I’m guilty of being the type of person who shoves a song in a person’s face.  This can be done in many ways, but the most effective way is to play the music on your system at ear bursting levels, so that it cannot be ignored.  While there is music that I certainly love to share, there is also music that I’m quite embarrassed of.

You know those songs that you listen to in private, but you never seem to listen to when your friends are around?  How about those instances when you have your car set to the wrong radio station, and you friends enter the car – only to have you quickly change the station so that they never get the wrong idea?  We all have songs like this.  What we don’t need is all of our music apps telling the world about what we are listening to; sometimes we want this to be a private matter.