July 12, 2013


I sometimes get bothered when a musician or hobbyist spends too much time searching for the right gear, and not enough time actually playing the gear.  I think in the consumer world that we live in; we tend to blame the problems on technology – or the technology that does not yet exist.  It’s like having a MIDI controller in a DJ’s rig.  We get the controller because we don’t want to have to deal with out laptop keyboards, but then we need a place to set the controller down.  So we find a stand and hunker it down.  Now we feel limited that we can’t move it and decide that the solution here is to buy a wireless controller.

So we basically went from being lazy to becoming needy in the same process.  I am delighted to see musicians using television trays and other household objects to rest their gear on.  This means that they have put the money where it really counts, and that is back into their pocket.  Instead of spending money, they have spent their equally valuable time.  Both are things that we can never really have enough of, but time is probably the most important when it comes to making music.