July 12, 2013


The world needs more nerds who are involved in music and music creation.  The world also needs more musicians who are involved in technological creations.  To only have one side or the other just doesn’t work.  Often, we will hear or see videos of a hacker who has found a brilliant way to produce or control music production using digital gear and other engineering tools.  While the concept is nice, the music that is performed is often poor.  You may even have trouble calling it music in general.  We’ve also seen the other side where musicians are held back by their gear, and if only they knew a better way they might be on to something.

Now, if you have a person who both develops technology and produces music – you have a real winner.  You have someone who understands where music needs to progress, and you have someone who understands what innovative music actually sounds like.  Greg Scarth is one of the few guys out there who has command over old analog gear and an idea of what the music industry currently sounds like.  When you can already see the puck in your field of view, you have a better chance of knowing where it is going to be.