July 15, 2013

How I Bombed On Stage

Starting your child or yourself on a musical instrument at a young age has its benefits and its risks.  It seems that the benefits outweigh the risks in this case, but we should not forget about what some children have to go through to become fluent musicians.  The first and most important aspect that goes into taking on a new instrument is discipline.  It is something that is taught in school but usually not self-taught by self learners.  Everything from your posture to the way you hold an instrument can make a difference in the long run.  So learning an instrument through a school program gets thumbs up right here.

The other element that isn’t as noticeable is the performance side of musicianship.  These young kids are expected to learn their instrument and be able to recite their skill on stage, in front of parents and other students.  For a first timer, it can be one of the worst experiences in their life – something that will stick with them forever.  Not everybody out there has the skills to be a public speaker, but even the best public speaker will note that it took them time to learn to deal with stage freight.