July 15, 2013

Protect Your Health as a Musician

Young children are capable of some pretty amazing stuff these days.  They are fearless and tiny, a great combination of powers that adults simply do not have.  Adults are fragile and large.  They might not wince when they get a shot from the doctor, but a single fall can put them out of work long enough for them to lose a job.  The simple mental outlook of a child is enough to push them over that edge, enough for them to become truly great.  An adult works the other way; where their brain tells them that the risk of injury is just too great.  Even a non-physical job can hurt an adult, and musicians are no exception.

Guitarists aren’t out there putting their lives on the line, but they do have to do some grunt work every now and then.  Lifting amps and heavy boxes can cause injury if done incorrectly, and a broken back can hurt just about anyone.  Musicians who are living off of a small wage also need to take care against outbreaks like the flu.  It might sound like a scare tactic here, but getting sick can also prevent you (and anybody) from being able to work.