July 15, 2013

“Buying records cheers me up”

You know what would be a funny sight to see?  Imagine you kid, who is only ten years old, picking up a record and placing it on the turntable.  Imagine that.  This is something we should not expect to see when you have kids who are wirelessly transmitting radio from their iPods to their televisions these days.  Why would someone want to participate in some backwards technology that is soon to die?  What is even more odd are the amount of references to vinyl turntables and analog music that can be found in old comic books and cartoons.

It is sort of the same way we see cartoon characters smoking on a cigar – we would never allow that to happen in our generation.  For those who happened to grow up in a time when records were relevant things, enjoy that bit history while you still can, because it won’t be around for much longer.  Just think of what it might be like in another couple of decades.  You might have retired comic strips of kids using iPod and portable media players that stored files remotely; this too might just become a thing of the past that is no longer relevant in our lives.