July 16, 2013

4 Hidden Reasons Why DJs Who Make Music Get Ahead

DJing is one of those hobbies that works better when you have a goal.  When you are sitting at home and decide to mix for a couple of hours on the tables, you have to find some sort of intrinsic enjoyment out of what you are doing, otherwise it is pointless.  Without a goal there is nothing to aim for in the mix.  When you are a gigging DJ and you have an event coming up in a couple of days, well then it is easy to step behind the tables and start programming; because you have something that you need to prepare for.

This is why it is important for DJs to step beyond just mixing music from A to B.  If a DJ gets involved in music making, it gives them a reason to work on something else – it gives them a goal.  There is no doubt that learning to make music will also help you in your creative style.  See, starting a song means that you eventually have to find time to complete the songs, thus you have given yourself a goal with an end in sight.  This type of thinking helps you push yourself that one extra step.