July 16, 2013

Custom ’303 Energy’

Much of what goes on over in the synthesizer and analog music production gear sector is mind blowing.  Even the most technical and relevant objects can still be looked at like piece of art.  If they were to rest on your coffee table as a center piece and never got used, they would still be worth the purchase (as if they were a piece of classic artwork).  What impresses me the most out of these custom builds is how thorough these renditions actually are.  Not only are they technically sound, the developers have take the extra step to ensure they look professional.

The only part missing from this equation is to have a proper demo.  In order for a product to exist and look good – it also has to sound good in the hands of a proper musician.  Someone had the brilliant idea of taking a Roland 303 clone, and adding a theremin to the system.  The entire unit also houses a sequencer as well, to make it a sure fire one piece instrument.  While it looks like a rack mounted AMP, it sounds like a synthesizer that has been boosted on steroids.  Of course, don’t expect to buy one of these any time soon.