July 16, 2013

EasyBeats 3 Pro Drum Machine For iOS

For every app or program that is created, there is an intended purpose; a reason why the developers made the software the way it is.  When you look at a program like Ableton, you might say that it was developed to be used as live performance software – but the converse is actually true.  The original versions of the DAW had the ability to launch clips in a live setting, but they were not meant to be used live.  It was the users who ultimately determined how the software should be used, and Ableton since then changed their format to fit their audience.

When I see small and fun beat programs available for your tablets and smart phones, I can easily see that these weren’t designed for long term usage.  No producer in their right mind would try to master and mix down a track based on a hand held device.  They do serve another purpose though.  These little sequencers and drum machines are actually great for getting down the most basic parts of a musical idea.  They can then take these songs and mess with them on a much larger system that is mean to create final product.