July 16, 2013

Organetta For Kontakt

We’ve talked about the retro style of music that seems to make its rounds back into our culture every odd amount of years.  We see a revival or dance music come back around with elements of disco and funk that were once considered to be lost.  While it is true that styles can come back around, there are certain styles that we may never see return.  One of them has to do with an era of car production (and we will also see how it relates to modern music gear).  The color of cars has a lot to do with the consumers’ tastes, rather than the manufacturer – and color can be a deciding factor as to whether or not you are interested in a car.

Do you remember when cars came out in Easter Egg colors?  I don’t.  I wasn’t around during this era, but from what I have heard the colors that were liked were completely different than the sharp and monotone colors we like today.  Silver is one of the bestselling car colors out there – but how about pastel colors like green and blue?  You almost never see these anymore.   The Organetta is perhaps the last reminder of the 1950’s color schemes.