DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
May 16, 2011

GTFO Killed Us: Unique Squared In Studio With MixTrack Pro

We sometimes have artists and DJs stop by our studio to check out some gear.  They give some of the new stuff a spin and we like to get their views and opinions especially if it’s something they’re not familiar with.  Such was the case when acclaimed Atlanta DJ GTFO came by the HQ for the Numark Mixtrack Pro Challenge.  He, like many other DJs who use a traditional performance set-up of 2 turntables or CDJs and a mixer, has made the switch to using a controller almost exclusively for his live performance.  We challenged him to throw his set down on what many consider to be a “beginners” DJ controller, the Mixtrack Pro.  We captured the performance and then spoke afterward about what he thought about it.  Here’s the scoop.

Video Transcript:

Scott: What’s going on this is Scott Magno, DJ Madflip, I’m here at
Today we’ve got Atlanta’s very own DJ GTFO. Alright, so we’re going to do the Mixtrack Pro challenge. Today he’s going to do everything that he does in his gigs but we’re going to see if he can tear it up on the Mixtrack Pro, you ready to get nasty man?
Alright man! Dude, great job, great set it sounded awesome. So, tell us what you think, the Mixtrack Pro is actually considered to be an entry level product, a lot of our customers who are just starting out purchase the mixtrack pro, what do you think man did it do everything that you needed it to?
GTFO: I think it definitely has enough to get the job done, I like the layout. It’s simple but it has everything you need for it to get done.
Nice big platters able to push tracks into place. The effects, I like how everything is very up front up here with the EFX to bring them on and off, same thing with hot cues you have a delete and an add on very easily.
One thing I like is to be able to sonically match all of my tracks and with the easy pitch bend you can do that as well.
I love the mix knob to be able to get the tracks easily and move them around and um, yeah it’s solid, it has everything I need to get the job done.
Scott: Awesome! Very good. I think that a lot of people are going to appreciate you doing your set on it.
Thank you so much for coming by the studio, man.
Alright, GTFO, man, if you get a chance to check him out Atlanta zone also check him out in the southeast, abroad, he will destroy you, guaranteed, this is Scott Magno, DJ Madflip. Be you, be unique at


  1. Zarif R says:

    wow…did not know all that could have been done with the mixtrack..will definately try some of these tricks with mine…

  2. Reyn Ignacio says: mix i made on my mixtrack and a turntable