July 16, 2013

The Artiphon Instrument One

There are many MIDI style guitars out there to choose from, and regardless of your budget there is one that will fit the bill.  The most basic of MIDI guitars comes from the gaming community.  Yes, it’s the rock band or guitar hero guitar, and it is already setup to be a MIDI controller.  All that is really left is finding a way to allow it to communicate with other MIDI devices.  If you are handy and have access to a printing machine – you can successfully print out your own guitar using ABS plastics.  Again, the only limiting factor is the programming side of things and how it will actually “work”.

Now, on the highest tier of MIDI guitars, there are fabricators who have put much more effort into making it look like a legitimate piece of MIDI gear.  In a case like the Artiphon Instrument, the craftsmanship is stunning and the woodwork is something you’d expect on a classic orchestra instrument.  Instead of having it wired to a computer, it actually uses the iPhone directly to relay its MIDI commands.  The starting price of one of these is pretty high, around $700 – but it is certainly not a hacked piece of gear either.