July 17, 2013

How to change a vocal melody to fit a track with Melodyne

DJs, and even pure digital DJs, have run into problems when trying to mix melodies and vocals with two conflicting keys or melodies.  The obvious problems of course have to deal with things like harmony and key; that the two songs simply clash when mixed on top of each other.  What is even worse is that the instrumental might line up just fine harmonically – but the vocals are just too far apart from the melody to make any reason sense once it is done.  This leads to a step that many DJs simply dread – pre-production techniques.  While Traktor can keep and key while changing tempo, and even keep a tempo while changing pitch, it is best done using dedicated software rather than you DVS.

There are a few vocal programs out there that are designed to shift the pitch of a vocal element while keeping the tempo in check.  Melodyne is unique from the rest of them since it allows further manipulation of vocal samples in the form of polyphonic and monophonic voice correction.  With it, you can actually modify the melodies without adding artifacts and other strange sampling errors to your music.  Of course, it helps to have an acapella track first.