July 17, 2013

Practice Your Setup (and Breakdown) Routine

You can do everything in your power to prepare for your next live gig, but no amount of preparation will keep you from sweating out the details when you actually have to execute your plans.  A big task with any band that performs live is often a task that is overlooked: setting up your gear.  At home, you rarely need to move things around and plug everything back in, so you don’t really get to have any experience setting stuff up.  By the time you’ve played three or four gigs on the road, you have finally figured out what you need and what you don’t need on stage.

Setting up gear can be problematic and frustrating if you are doing it on the clock.  At home, we have time to consider the way we want our audio to be routed between devices, but on the road it pays to be decisive and deliberate in each step that we take.  There is a need to organize gear so that the right parts are within reach when you need them – but packing too much gear can be problematic as well.  Learning how to setup quickly is a surefire way to ease the tension and stress of a performance.