July 17, 2013

Building a Great Team to Support Your Music

Do you remember the days when a singer could get on stage with a guitar and stun the entire audience?  They didn’t need much else except their acoustic instrument and good microphone to perform with.  Setting up and taking down gear didn’t take much more than a few minutes.  Wouldn’t it be nice for an artist to only have to rely on just a few piece of gear?  This might be the case for a performer – but for an artist who wants to get signed with a real record label – the one man band will simply not be enough to get on with.

Behind every great artist or act, there is a team of people involved in making all of the magic happen.  In terms of booking shows you will need to have an agent and a manager who get say over what you can do and what you cannot do.  For networking, you will also need a host of artists who will handle your websites, promotion, and sales.  Of course we cannot forget about the crew you will need to bring with you when you want to travel or perform in different areas.  It can take up to 16 people to make it all work.