July 17, 2013

11 Things We’ll Remember About The Garden Festival 2013

Have you ever really considered what makes a music festival more popular than your average concert?  When we pay for our tickets and attend a concert, we know who we are going to see.  That band by choose to have an opening act play minutes before them – but we all know who we really came to see.  The process begins by making the trip to whatever venue that band will be at.  It can be congested, crowded, and annoying – but it is almost always worth the wait.  The band plays and you are happy to be there.

A festival is much more exciting for many reasons.  For one, there are multiple acts on at different times during the day.  This means that you have time to pick and choose what bands you want to see, and during your free time you can even check out the booths and stands with vendors selling merchandise and goods.  The location of a festival is usually bigger than that of just a single concert hall, so you get to enjoy the open area and meet the wonderful people who might be blown out of their minds before they have even arrived.  It is usually a good experience.