July 17, 2013

Shazam Gets $40 Million From Carlos Slim

Those who follow financial reports and who are interested in stock investments probably have a good idea of who the big players are.  There are the companies who tend to do well, and then there are the investor who seem to know everything about the economy.  Not surprisingly, the best investors are often the ones with the most money – and since it takes money to make money, these people seem to be the richest in America.  These days, rich is not measured in millions of dollars, rather, it is measured in billions.  There are only a handful of billionaires in this country, but those who have the money just can’t seem to have enough of it.

The prize for the richest man in the word does not go to an American; it goes to a Mexican by the name of Carlos Slim.  Carlos Slim is a communication giant in his country and has the access and means to keep him there as well.  His most recent investment was with Shazam, the music identification service that figures out what song you are listening to on the radio.  That company just received an investment of over $40 million dollars from the richest man in the world.