July 19, 2013

Up Your Instagram Marketing Game

What I always find amazing in the world of computing is just how much effort a long developer can put into producing something, with little to nothing in return for their effort.  A simple app or tool may seem simple in use, but it actually requires a pretty decent amount of coding, testing, and debugging before it can ever be used by the general public.  Companies like Instagram and Twitter are always on the lookout for never developers with creative ideas – but before a person can get hired for that job that they need to build an impressive resume.

This is where the bedroom hackers and programmers get their cues.  They know that developing a music app or an add-on app for another app is a surefire way to get the attention of the hiring heads, but until that time they are basically working for free.  Instagram, like many other services, has a slew of developers who are working independently to create apps that can improve their service.  More often than not, outside ideas are what a company actually needs.  Too much groupthink in centralized form can be a bad thing for any sort of technology based company, so they welcome outside thought.