July 19, 2013

The Power Of Focusing On A Single Social Network

Social networking and media host sites have their eyes set on becoming the giants of the industry.  It is not enough that they satisfy the demands of a portion of the users out there; they want something that has universal appeal; something that can reach the masses and be embraced by them.  History has shown us that this method just isn’t as feasible as one may think.  Often, it is better to start by specializing in a category rather than trying to cover all bases at one time.  Just look at AOL and where they are now – they used to dominate the ISP industry, now they are a name that few will ever speak of again.

Artists can learn a great deal from thinking in this direction.  Any artist wants to have every direction taken care of – this means they have their personal spaces (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and then they have their business side of things (artist websites, YouTube promotions).  Imagine what would be possible if all of that energy was focused on only one outlet?  Some musicians stick primarily to YouTube, making sure that any sort of media or announcements are only delivered using this method.  This makes upkeep simpler.