July 19, 2013

So How Did The Samsung, Jay-Z Partnership Turn Out?

The partnership between Samsung and Jay-Z is relevant for many reasons.  The marriage of a tech company and a music mogul is shocking and new – but this is hardly the real reason why such a move has been touted as successful.  The real success story here has to do with product placement and imagery.  Being the first of its kind, there was some natural apprehension as to whether or not this strategy would actually work, but the curiosity within each individual is what sold itself, not the actual products.  Google analytics has shown that Jay-Z’s twitter page has blown up to over 9000% what it was before the launch.  So you can see here that even without the product, the interest in it was enough to bring in revenue.

Speaking of revenue, let’s consider the costs of such a partnership.  There was a lot of money that went into this operation, and if you are anything like me, you might have noticed these Jay-Z commercials appearing on ESPN and other popular radio stations.  Something to the tune of $25 million is what was spent on advertising alone.  It takes money to make money right? Yes, it takes A LOT of money.