July 21, 2013

Younger Music Fans Demand Constant Access

I never thought I would end up saying something like this – but kids do seem to be spoiled these days.  Maybe they aren’t as respectful or maybe I am envious that so many things are made easier for the next generation – but they definitely do not have to deal with the same types of things as the rest of us.  One thing that is not surprising is their music tastes.  They like to hear music that is fresh and new, and they don’t mind how disposable a song actually is until their music tastes eventually mature.  Another thing that is notable is that they do not have the concept of paying for music.  When you can hear music for free just about anywhere on the internet – you are less likely to see it as something that needs to be bought.

The new MTV generations of children want their music for free.  Instant access to content is also something unique to the new generation of digital music listeners.  The very idea that a person would have to place music into a machine to listen to it is extremely foreign sounding these days.  Music should be able to be played the second it is thought of.