July 21, 2013

Remote first look from Mojaxx

Serato really did not have a choice in the matter when they decided to create a mobile app for the iOS.  With the pace of Traktor’s releases, they have always sort of been in their shadow.  Can Serato bring something to the controller world that Traktor has not?  When rumors about the Serato Remote were officially confirmed, people wondered what approach they would take when compared to the Traktor DJ app.  For one, the purpose of the Traktor DJ app is much different than the Serato Remote.

The Traktor DJ app is a standalone program which can be used anywhere without any sort of attachment cable or device needed.  Serato Remote is meant to act as a wired remote – meaning that you will still need to use your laptop.  What it does is basically extend the monitor screen while changing navigation elements like buttons and pads.  What is nice about this program is that there are no bootleg or backdoor mechanics at work here.  The iPad uses a regular 30-pin to USB connector which plugs directly into your laptop.  I means that Serato actually worked with Apple on the production of this new app which requires no strange aftermarket gear.